Personal Finance.

More Insights.

Less Time.


All your money. One dashboard.

  • Easy set-up. Connect your bank using Plaid, integrated with 12,000+ financial institutions.
  • View all your finances at a glance – no need to repeatedly login to multiple accounts just to know where you stand.

Deep insights. Many views.

  • Automatic and manual expense categories to break down your spending.
  • Multiple views for how you’re spending so that you can track everything, exactly how you want and need to see it.
  • A detailed Income Statement is automatically generated for each month.
  • New dashboards and insights will be added regularly.

Track progress. Reach goals.

  • Monthly Net Income is calculated so that you can monitor whether you’re spending too much or saving at the rate you are targeting.
  • A detailed Income Statement is automatically generated for each month that allows you to move from the high level view down to the transaction-level details


We don’t sell your data or sell you credit cards / loans

Free Tier

  • 1 Bank Account
  • Unlimited CSV Uploads
  • Chat Support

Starter Pack

  • 4 Bank Accounts
  • Unlimited CSV Uploads
  • Chat Support

Growing Portfolio

  • 10 Bank Accounts
  • Unlimited CSV Uploads
  • Chat Support

We take privacy and security seriously.

Data Security

  • We don’t store your PluFin account password. Instead, we use Auth0, which is SOC-2 Compliant.
  • We don’t store your bank credentials. Instead, we use Plaid, which uses best-in-class encryption.
  • We don’t store your credit card information. Instead, we use Stripe which is PCI Compliant.

Data Controls

  • PluFin makes it easy to remove your data. Just go to your account settings to find our ‘Drastic Measures’.
  • Remove Bank Account to disconnect your bank accounts so that no new data flows into PluFin.
  • Purge your data to delete all of your transactions data
  • Nuke your data to purge your data, remove your bank accounts, unsubscribe your email from our email campaigns, and delete your PluFin account. If you paid PluFin, we will retain a copy of those transaction receipts.

Customer Support is on standby to help answer your questions

Customer Support

  • Powered by Intercom, our founder will be on standby to help you with any questions or comments you have.
  • Feel free to ask about new features or financial tools that you’d like to see. We have a roadmap, but it will be adjusted based on your feedback.

We’re in Beta

There are only 100 Free Tier spots available while we’re in Beta. Signup Now!

What does Beta mean? At a high level, it means the product is still a work-in-progress. This may result in bugs that cause errors or some of your data looking weird. This is expected. We ask that you be prepared for this to happen, and if you’re not ok with that, no worries. Check back around Feb or Mar when the product is a little more stable.

We offer personalized support so that you can flag any issues that you have and get an immediate response. Plus, we’ll be directly in touch to learn what we can do better.

Thanks for being a part of the journey!